Our Story

While TERRY was founded in 2008, we’re part of a much bigger story

That story began in 1898 under Thomas W McDonagh, Ross and Terry’s grandfather. TW was an imaginative designer and a skilled craftsman. Throughout the 20th century, the McDonagh name was synonymous with quality furniture, designed and produced in Northern Ireland.

A family run company built on the values of integrity and care, the McDonagh business placed emphasis on producing trustworthy products and treating employees with the utmost care and respect.

As the industry modernised in the latter half of the century, the company went through a series of evolutions. Terry and Ross joined their father as they navigated expansion into the mainland UK market, the emergence of the flat-pack industry and increasing demand for inexpensive fashionable pieces. Realising this was no longer the business or market they wanted to be in, the McDonagh factory finally closed its doors in 2007.

However, Terry and Ross had grown up surrounded by passionate designers and skilled craftsmen. With a desire to return to his roots, Terry also saw a need for high quality, custom fitouts and furniture.

And so, TERRY was born. A family run company, with the same values at its core and a renewed focus on design and craftsmanship.

Our Values

What makes a TERRY project?

At TERRY, our projects range from kitchens and residential to offices, restaurants, retail units, hotels and apartment complexes. The work is varied and each project is unique in many ways. However, there are four key values that underpin all of our work.


The highest aim of our work is happiness. For our team and for our clients. Every individual on our Design, Make and Fit team, enjoys what they do. They love their craft and they enjoy working with the people around them.

TERRY is a happy place to be. A trip through our factory will show you that. And nothing brings us more joy than seeing our client’s happy face at the end of a project. If there is anything you are not happy about- we change it. We mean it when we say, ‘we want you to be happy’.

From conception to life

We are with you every step of the way. We help you realise your idea, find the perfect expression of your brand and, create designs that will inspire you and the people who use your space. We implement every aspect of the design to your needs and design specifications. We fit out the space with acute attention to detail and a talent for innovative solutions to any challenge that arises during the process. When we take on a project, we don’t stop till your space is finished in such a way that you can’t help but smile.


For us, collaboration isn’t just a buzzword. It’s an integral part of what makes TERRY a happy place to work. The Design, Make and Fit teams work together to find the best way to create something unique that really works for you. And we work right alongside our clients to ensure we’re delivering on our promise to make you happy.


We’re always looking for a new finish, new material or a new way of making something. Our Design team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is on trend. Our Make team is always seeing how far they can go with a new material or technique. The Fit team are the ultimate creative problem solvers. Our roots keep us humble- but our factory is really a laboratory, a studio, a playground.

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