Dottie Avenue


An independent young hair dressing salon, relocating and re-inventing itself with a new-build premises and fresh brand.

In an area densely populated with other hairdressers the design is concerned with creating a memorable space, challenging what customers are expecting out of the experience and the environment. The brief involved working closely with the client to reinvent the existing business and debate the brand direction. We wanted to create not only a hair salon but a destination for all things beauty related.

​The renaming of the salon was inspired by the elegant yet playful character of the client's pet Dalmatian. The graphic design draws influence from the fashion world with the intention of creating a cheeky yet feminine attitude.  

The interior is designed to reflect the essence of Dottie Avenue: style, elegance and glamour. The intention was to create a space that fuses the atmosphere of a contemporary gallery with an industrial chic salon. This is achieved through the open plan layout, artwork and material selection, embracing raw industrial materials and raising them to a high end level.

The mesh screen, dark acoustic ceiling and low level lighting are used to separate the wash area from the rest of the space giving a more relaxing experience here. The styling units are designed to define each stylists area without closing in the open plan interior.

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