Magee Clothing

244 sq.ft
Donegal stone, concrete, living edge wood, oak, velvet and polished brass

​Taking inspiration from their 2016 photo catalogue, we wanted to design a store that felt like stepping into an Irish country manor. The Donegal based brand is synonymous with luxury tailoring, heritage fashion and natural colours and materials. It was important that their customers could easily identify with these traits as they browsed through the store.

We wanted to design a store that felt like stepping into an Irish country manor

A tactile palette of living edge wood, donegal stone and concrete reflect the natural environment of the Irish landscape. We added elements of oak, plush velvet and polished brass to bring opulence and decadence to the space. 

We carefully considered and planned the layout and people flow of the store. We wanted to create large display areas that allowed MAGEE to showcase their full range, while maintaining the sense of luxury. We did this by creating dramatic floor to ceiling display units, made from dark iroko and highlighted with brass spotlights. This was juxta-posed with sparse floor spaces bringing attention back to the luxury craftsmanship of the clothing brand. 

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