Root and Branch - Ormeau Baths


​R&B’s second location is within the historic Ormeau Baths building. This building is now home to a communal work space and tech community.

The brief from our clients was to create a space that is a progression from their Roastery on Jameson Street but that was still to be in keeping with the brand ethos along with appealing to the new clientele. The space had to firstly be functional as well as beautifully designed, working with the restrictions of a rectangular space we focused on a long linear main counter and tall casual seating opposite.

The palette was to be built around two main elements: the flooring and countertop. We wanted to included tones of green and pink and bring in natural elements such as stone and wood. A subtle neutral pink was chosen for the walls and ceiling, the poured terrazzo floor carried all the colours we had hoped in include from a deep terracotta to jade green and the countertop was a charcoal soapstone.

The rest of the design focused on clean minimal elements,  allowing the clients to put their own personality into the space in terms of plants and product. 

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