The Flint


​The Flint is a 55 bed hotel on Howard Street, which aims to say goodbye to the traditional hotel aesthetic.

We were in love with the building since day one and knew we had to do something sympathetic yet unique. It is located in Howard House, a War Memorial Hostel built in 1926 and so many of the original features were uncovered during the renovation works, including beautiful herringbone timber floors. Although it took quite a lot of work to restore this beautiful floor, we thought it was important to keep the history of the original building, including the concrete footprint of walls that are no longer there.

​We believe that first impressions are important and in this case the reception area needed to reflect the personality of the Flint. The wall panelling gives a playful nod to the traditional feel of the original building but with modern finishes and a distinctive reception counter.

In the bedrooms, we wanted to make a statement with the dark walls and contrasted this with the soft palette of the furniture and bespoke storage units. All of these elements allowed us to retain the character of the original building while restoring it to its former glory and making it attractive to the current market.

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