Town Square


​Town Square has been created to provide a central space for the people of Belfast to gather, "To make this the town square Belfast doesn’t have."

The whole ethos of the company is to promote chance encounters, encourage the sharing of ideas and to create a real sense of community.  This thinking is reflected in the design and layout of the space, the standard counter has been deconstructed and replaced with three informal stations, removing the barrier between customer and barista.   The tapered angle of the counter and openness of the brew bar bring an honesty to the design enabling customers to see what would traditionally be back of house.  People are encouraged to roam around the brew and espresso bar, browse the product wall or pull up a stool and hangout with their barista whilst they wait. 

Upon entering the main focal point is the birch plywood and reclaimed drawer product wall, salvaged tea chests decorate the high ceiling and pulley lights highlight the counters.  

The interior oozes warmth with hues of tan, warm timber tones and atmospheric lighting setting the scene.

The space needed versatility, the banquette, communal table and vaulted booth make this a venue suitable for coffee with friends, business meetings or chilling out with a good book.  The steel railings framing the sunken floor are removable, creating a stage for live music and TED X events.

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